Small Mercies


In 1981 the Caligiore family established Gigante Coffee. Their ambition was to bring the best quality, socially and environmentally responsibly sourced coffee to the Melbourne Coffee scene.

Recently, Gigante Coffee decided to expand their wholesale business so that coffee aficionados could enjoy their coffee range at home through their new online retail entity, Small Mercies.


The challenge was to develop a new brand and online store that would maintain the ethos of Gigante Coffee and simply the process of purchasing quality coffee.

Through collaboration with the client the visual and verbal assets of the brand were established.

The idea was to use the coffee leaves to represent those little moments in life that seed from the coffee bean; enjoying a bit of ‘me time’, the ‘pick me up’ that sparked that great idea or the moments enjoyed with good company.

Once the idea was established, the website was developed with a strong focus on simplification of the user experience. Each customer touch point was looked at and packaging and promotional material were created to build a customer base and enhance the brand experience.