Gambler's Help


Research suggests that people who are moderately at risk and problem gamblers are aware of their situation, feeling shame and embarrassment. Worryingly, they believe that they can deal with it on their own without professional support.

The Department of Justice through Gambler’s Help, provide support for at risk and problem gamblers.


The challenge was to persuade a difficult to engage audience to consider their behaviour and seek support to combat their gambling habits.

Through research and collaboration with the client it was discovered that gamblers were unaware of the tipping point where their gambling became a problem.

The idea was to build curiosity around this insight by prompting the audience to consider ‘How much is too much?’ with the answer, along with the means to contact Gambler’s Help support services displayed on a card they could take away.

Deliverables included a series of washroom posters and take away cards to be rolled out in gaming venues across Victoria targeting male, female and regional at risk and problem gamblers.


The campaign has evaluated well, maintaining and exceeding previous benchmarks with over 50,000 cards taken each month on average over the duration of the campaign.