Heart Foundation


More than 55,000 Australians had a heart attack last year – tragically almost 10,000 also died. Over 50% of heart attack deaths occur before the person reaches hospital and almost 25% of people who die from a heart attack die within one hour of their first warning sign.


The task was to develop a critical print campaign for the Heart Foundation, informing Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians from remote communities of the warning signs of a heart attack, and what to do in the event.

The inherent challenge was to educate the target audience more comprehensively, moving beyond the common belief that ‘left-arm pain’ is the truest sign of a heart attack: the symptoms are numerous.

Additionally, the campaign addressed the low literacy rates of Indigenous Australians from remote areas, while carefully taking cultural sensitivities into account. In light of these insights, a pictorial solution was devised to work in conjunction with other executions, tested with the target audience in focus groups, and ensuring that the messages were relevant and easy to understand.