Knives Scar Lives


Weapons related violence in at risk demographics involving young males was on the rise.

In response, the Department of Justice were looking to develop a targeted campaign aimed at young males within areas with high rates of weapons violence.


The challenge was to reduce the incidence of weapon related violence without coming across as authoritative.

The idea was to interview respected figures from each at risk area who had been affected by weapon related violence either as perpetrators or victims. Each figure shared their story around the dangers and consequences associated with weapons violence.

Final deliverables included a series of posters each unique to their local neighbourhood and a take away card with more information on the dangers and penalties associated with the issue.


The campaign was launched with the assistance of professional boxers at a North Melbourne boxing gym and received press in the Herald Sun.

After an initial three-month media rotation the campaign was evaluated as a success and funded for a second round of media placement.