Many Ways


There are many ways to gamble, and there are many ways to get help. Due to the multitude of support options available to people who have or know someone who has a gambling problem it can be confusing to find appropriate support for an individual situation.

Gamblers Help Southern through the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation help gamblers self identity when they have a problem and provide support options for them to seek appropriate help. As part of their efforts, they provide information to young people to educate them on the many help options available should they or someone they know end up with a gambling problem.


The challenge was to engage a young tertiary audience through an online resource and educate them on the many help options available to problem gamblers based on a series of scenarios.

Research uncovered that the average member of the target audience has an attention span of just nine seconds. With this insight in mind, it was decided that the resource needed to be an interactive experience and that the amount of reading required to navigate the app should be limited through use of iconography and animated content.

Workflows were drawn up to identify the best strategy to create an engaging user experience. Short scenarios were written with appropriate help options in mind, and developed into animated video content. Participants navigate their way through the app and select two of four scenarios that best resonate with their situation and are prompted to identify appropriate help options based on the video content.

A narrowcast print campaign was developed to promote the app and inform the audience of prize incentives available to participants who complete the challenge. Near field communication technology was utilised as a call to action enabling participants to access the app with one touch from their smartphones.


The strategy proved effective with 85 per cent of users completing the challenge spending an average of 4.46 minutes on the app.