Night Coach


A Functional drug user is defined as a person whose substance usage has moved beyond opportunistic occasional use and has not quite reached dependence.

The Australian National Council on Drugs were interested in exploring options to utilise smartphone technology to deliver a World Health Organisation accredited substance involvement test to encourage functional drug users to consider their substance use.


The challenge was to develop a brand and web based app that would resonate with the target audience yet would be unnoticeable enough that people would be comfortable having the app on their phones. The purpose of the app was defined as to provide users with the tools to assess their behaviour and arrive at their own conclusions about their substance use.

Through collaboration with the client and the facilitation of focus groups with the audience the key brand elements and features of the app were defined.

The name Night Coach was chosen as it was felt it was both discreet and intriguing along with a visual aesthetic. Supporting features were developed such as a substance usage diary that enables users to track their substance usage over time. Other features include a pin protected opening screen to ensure people’s results were kept confidential.

Once all the pieces were in place the functionality of the app was refined and tested with the audience to ensure a seamless user experience.