Real Care - Rise Initiative

Real Care was created for the Rise Initiative, an initiative established by real estate professionals in Australia and New Zealand to provide education, prevention and intervention in mental health issues for the real estate industry and their families.

The real estate industry is a high-risk industry for mental health issues. 65% of Australian real estate professionals report feeling stressed “often” or “always”, 47% report feeling physical symptoms of anxiety, and 40% feel overwhelmed by the demands of their job.

There are a number of factors that contribute to the susceptibility of employees in the real estate industry to work-related stress and related mental health and wellbeing challenges. Real estate and property management is a highly demanding and competitive industry that relies on commission for remuneration. The real estate market also involves high transactional jobs which can increase the pressure to perform. All these factors contribute to the high stress and burnout experienced in the industry.

In response to the susceptibility of the real estate industry to mental health and wellbeing challenges, Utility creative and the Rise Initiative Limited have developed a preventative health and wellbeing tool for the Australian and New Zealand real estate industry, designed to help manage work-related mental health challenges by providing coping strategies targeting burnout and stress, help build resilience, and provide strategies to engage in balanced lifestyles. Real Estate professionals from across Australia and New Zealand were consulted and included in focus testing during the development of the app.

Real Care is an app for real estate people, by real estate people.