Real Care – Rise Initiative

Real Care was created for the Rise Initiative, an initiative established by real estate professionals in Australia and New Zealand to provide education, prevention and intervention in mental health issues for the real estate industry and their families.

The real estate industry is a high-risk industry for mental health issues. 65% of Australian real estate professionals report feeling stressed “often” or “always”, 47% report feeling physical symptoms of anxiety, and 40% feel overwhelmed by the demands of their job.

There are a number of factors that contribute to the susceptibility of employees in the real estate industry to work-related stress and related mental health and wellbeing challenges. Real estate and property management is a highly demanding and competitive industry that relies on commission for remuneration. The real estate market also involves high transactional jobs which can increase the pressure to perform. All these factors contribute to the high stress and burnout experienced in the industry.

In response to the susceptibility of the real estate industry to mental health and wellbeing challenges, Utility creative and the Rise Initiative Limited have developed a preventative health and wellbeing tool for the Australian and New Zealand real estate industry, designed to help manage work-related mental health challenges by providing coping strategies targeting burnout and stress, help build resilience, and provide strategies to engage in balanced lifestyles. Real Estate professionals from across Australia and New Zealand were consulted and included in focus testing during the development of the app.

Real Care is an app for real estate people, by real estate people.


IMPACT – Back Pain Recovery Tool

Project Period

Project Brief
The University of Sydney, Faculty of Health Science, Discipline of Physiotherapy team have developed two research projects around the issue of lower back pain. The main project (IMPACT) will examine methods of reducing lower back pain relapse after treatment is completed. The team will test a transitional program throughout the services of a “Health Coach” to create an ongoing treatment plan. Large-scale clinical registries are increasingly recognised as important resources for quality assurance and research to inform clinical decision making and health policy.

Ministry of Health – Denmark Spine Data Screening

Project Period

Project Brief
SpineData was conceived an built over a seven-year period to facilitate the acquisition, management, storage and display of health information collected through an online questionnaire for the purposes of quality assurance, research and clinical decision making support. Large-scale clinical registries are increasingly recognized as important resources for quality assurance and research to inform clinical decision making and health policy. SpineData is a Danish clinical registry in a conservative care setting where more than 10,000 new cases of spinal pain are assessed each year.

COPE – Centre of Perinatal Excellence

Project Period
2014 – 2015

Project Brief
Utility Creative were asked to develop an online screening application to underpin a perinatal care pilot program developed by COPE, codenamed iCOPE. iCOPE is a web-based platform, accessed by providing health professionals with an individual login and password into the iCOPE system. In consultation with the health practitioners and services, selected screening questions and
questionnaires are loaded onto the digital platform. The platform addresses the need for more systematic screening and data collection systems to underpin Australia’s National Perinatal Depression Initiative (NPDI).

Mummatters – Perinatal Screening App

Project Period
July 2015 – January 2016

Project Brief
Bupa engaged Utility Creative to work alongside the Bupa Foundation and its stateholders, St John of God, and the University of Sydney, on the development of an app for expectant mothers to manage their maternal health, particularly pre and post natal mental information. The app provides information about health pregnancy, screens for various health issues, as well as motivational goal setting tools.


Project Period

Project Brief
Equipt is a wellbeing app for current and former Victoria Police members, employees and their families to assist in their maintenance of mental and physical wellbeing.

The Equipt app assists to strengthen physical, emotional and social wellbeing. It allows users to get in touch with help and support when and if they need it.

Equipt is about making things easier by giving police members, employees, families and significant others hollistic wellbeing tools and health support all in one.

Focusing on Rapid Response tools for use when immediately looking for help, Equipt also has Lifestyle Tools for use to build resilience to life’s challenges.